Connect people, assets and devices in user-friendly software.

Rombit delivers dashboarding solutions that
closely integrate with buy-or-build IoT-devices
and with the proprietary RomwareTM brand.

The Rombit Way of Working

Should you keep creating more, better and faster IT-systems? No. The answer to digital transformation lies in an efficient use of existing systems. This is where Rombit comes in. Rombit provides end-to-end solutions, often by using it’s Romcore platform.


Where to start? We’ll do your homework. 25 years of software purchases have created very complex IT-environments. Untangling the web is a core competence of Rombit. 


Often the data is available but locked inside software and database silo’s. By connecting systems in one company cloud, we are able to match data in real-time. Connecting is step 2.

Cloud software

Acting upon it is step 3. Rombit adds easy cloud software solutions to improve your workflow process. When the data is made available, it’s not hard to share, follow-up and automate.

Internet of things

Enriching is step 4. When there's not enough data available, we’ll add new datastreams: through sensors or tailormade IoT-hardware. Rombit’s IoT-engineers are a unique asset.

Big data

Analyzing is step 5. Business Intelligence is made easy when you dispose of relevant, real-time, standardised data: identify patterns, detect weaknesses and opportunities, adjust.


Crisp and customized webviews and apps, for all user groups: employees, management, customers, suppliers.

Discover our product ranges

Smart Cities

  • Public domain management
  • Smart signage
  • Integration with existing system

Smart Industries

  • Cutting-edge safety & security devices
  • Integrated safety & security platform
  • Predictive maintenance solutions

Smart Enterprises

  • Real-time cloud platform
  • Customized webviews and apps
  • IoT solutions


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Rombit is your transformation partner. Romcore is your readymade digital transformation plan. Connect all your systems & devices with one open platform.

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