IoT-platform for every skipper that requests electricity upon docking

Transforming the shore box industry: a user-friendly IoT-platform for every skipper that wants to make use of shore boxes, providing electricity upon docking.

The challenge

How to improve the mobility of vessels at the port of Antwerp? How to simplify the management of shore-to-ship connections? How to reduce operational costs of ports and ships at berth?

Techelec, Port of Antwerp, Port of Rotterdam, Zeeland Seaports...

Techelec, an Antwerp based company specialized in technical solutions including shore boxes, active in several Western-European ports. Shore boxes provide grid power to ships at berth.

Our solution

  • A web-based platform connected to the shore boxes, offering real-time computing and data visualization. 
  • A transparent utility management solution for port authorities and Techelec’s technical team. 
  • A collaboration with energy experts Schneider Electric and Techmetrys.

Thanks to Rombit, we are able to offer a groundbreaking and easy-to-use IoT platform, automating the management of shore electricity boxes.

Nicolas Broos, Ops Manager - Techelec

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